Vision Zero Action Plan

The Draft Vision Zero Action Plan has been released! The public comment period on the draft plan ended October 16, 2019. Thank you to the hundreds of people who shared comments on the draft. Staff are reviewing the feedback and will bring a revised final Vision Zero Action Plan to the City Council for consideration in late 2019 or early 2020.

Numerous people cross the street with the right-of-way at a traffic signal in downtown Minneapolis, next to the Green Line, with US Bank Stadium in the background.

The Minneapolis City Council adopted a Vision Zero goal to eliminate traffic deaths and severe injuries on City streets by 2027. The Vision Zero Action Plan outlines key steps in the next three years to make progress toward that goal. The plan was developed by City staff across multiple departments with significant input and direction from community stakeholders, partner agencies, and the public.

To reduce traffic deaths and severe injuries, the Vision Zero Action Plan includes strategies and actions that address four systems:

  • Safe Streets: using street design, infrastructure, and operations to improve traffic safety

  • Safe People: supporting and encouraging safe human behavior

  • Safe Vehicles: regulating and maintaining safe vehicle fleets

  • Safety Data: supporting a data-driven approach to Vision Zero and ensuring accountability for progress towards goals.

The Vision Zero Action Plan includes 16 strategies and 68 actions to be implemented between 2020 and 2022.

Action Plan Project Timeline

Gather and Analyze

2017 - 2018

This plan is built on data. The City completed crash studies to understand trends to inform our Vision Zero work. We also asked people for their best idea for making our streets safer and received nearly 400 responses.


Join the conversation (early 2019)

We shared information and ideas and asked you for your input as we create a Vision Zero Action Plan that works for Minneapolis.


Bringing it all together (mid-late 2019)

We released the draft Minneapolis Vision Zero Action Plan and asked for your review.

Adopting the plan (late 2019 – early 2020)

After we receive comments and feedback on our draft plan, we’ll amend the draft and present the plan to City Council for approval. From there, we’ll start to work on the actions outlined in the plan!


Monitoring Progress

Evaluation and regular reporting are essential for the data-driven approach to Vision Zero and accountability to the commitment of eliminating traffic deaths and severe injuries. The City will issue an annual Vision Zero report and provide a progress report every six months. Some metrics will be reported annually while others will be reported every two or three years based on the resources needed for the reporting.