Together, We Can Achieve Zero

Your input is critical to our work to make streets safer for everyone. Your feedback plays a key role in shaping the final Vision Zero Action Plan. The public comment period on the draft plan ended October 16, 2019. Thank you to the hundreds of people who shared comments on the draft. Staff are reviewing the feedback and will bring a revised final Vision Zero Action Plan to the City Council for consideration in late 2019 or early 2020.


Make the Vision Zero pledge, share your story, connect with us via email and social media, and learn about forthcoming engagement activities.

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Make the Vision Zero Pledge

A large number of youth line up to board a Metro Transit bus at a bus stop located at a street corner. Their bookbags suggest they are going to school, and the lack of leaves and heavy coats indicate that it is winter. Many of the youth are people of color.

Pledge to:                                                              

  • Slow down while driving and be alert to people walking and bicycling         

  • Respect that people walking have the right of way

  • Refrain from distracted driving including using my cellphone while driving

  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Spread the word about this pledge and Vision Zero. #VisionZeroMpls

From the center turn lane, a traffic signal set to red can be seen, as motor vehicles and people walking cross the street in front of a white car. There are bike lanes on either side of the street, and several brick buildings framing the view.

We know that traffic deaths and severe injuries have a real personal impact and our thoughts go out to everyone who has experienced trauma from a traffic crash. If you would like to share your story about how a traffic crash impacted your life or your family, please email

Stay updated

An overhead view of a 4-lane, undivided arterial road, in which a person on a bicycle occupies the right-most part of the right lane going away from the camera. There is no bike lane on this road.

Get updates as the process happens through our email newsletter, or email us at with specific questions.

Connect with Vision Zero on Social Media

Share your traffic safety concerns


Share traffic safety concerns about individual locations in Minneapolis through our online tool. Responses will be used collectively to inform future Minneapolis Vision Zero efforts. This is not a substitute for 311 for reporting specific maintenance requests. You should continue to report those through 311.

Input Received

Community feedback played a key role in shaping the draft Vision Zero Action Plan. A summary of engagement is included in the draft Vision Zero Action Plan. All feedback received from June 2018 to July 2019 is available in this spreadsheet.