Working Together

Collaboration, partnership, and engagement are a critical part of Minneapolis’ Vision Zero work. Together, we can create safe streets for everyone.

A black woman in athletic clothing rides a shared electric scooter in a bike lane under a skybridge in downtown Minneapolis. There are cars parked alongside the curb where people are waking and eating at Murray’s. The travel lanes of the road are empty, and there is a NiceRideMN bikeshare station on the opposite curb.

Collaboration, Committees, and You

Minneapolis Vision Zero is a collaboration of 11 City Departments. We are proud to be working with Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Toward Zero Deaths initiative and Hennepin County’s Road to Zero initiative. And we are grateful to the community members, stakeholders, and other agency partners who are participating in Vision Zero.

There are three committees working to shape the Vision Zero Action Plan and the Action Plan engagement process:

  • The Vision Zero Task Force, comprised of City of Minneapolis department directors.

  • The Vision Zero Advisory Committee, comprised of community stakeholders and agency partners.

  • The Vision Zero Technical Advisory Committee, comprised of City of Minneapolis staff who will help implement the actions developed in the Vision Zero Action Plan.

Most importantly, there is our community. Your voice is important. We hope you will share your thoughts to help inform Vision Zero.

Vision Zero Advisory Committee

People finish crossing the street and walk on the sidewalk in downtown Minneapolis, amid a forest of yellow traffic signal masts. A small SUV completes a left turn as the walk signal appears for those heading in the direction perpendicular to the folks finishing their crossing. The scene occurs at either the early morning or early evening hours.

Agency partners:

  • Adam Arvidson, Minneapolis Park Board

  • Jenny Bordon, Minneapolis Public Schools

  • Chad Ellos, Hennepin County Public Works

  • Kristine Hernandez, Minnesota Department of Transportation

  • Jon Krieg, Hennepin County Public Works

  • Greg Lindsey, University of Minnesota

  • Kathleen Mayell, Minneapolis Public Works

  • Nichole Morris, University of Minnesota

  • Aaron Tag, Minnesota Department of Transportation

  • Hoki Tse, Metro Transit

Community stakeholders:

  • Abou Amara, consultant

  • Amy Brugh, Our Streets Minneapolis

  • Chris Claeson, AAA Minneapolis

  • Janet Court, Minneapolis Committee on Aging

  • Barb Harris/Mary McGovern, Minneapolis Highrise Representative Council

  • Abigail Johnson, Minneapolis Pedestrian Advisory Committee

  • Kirsten Lande/Liliana Letran, Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio (CLUES)

  • Robert Lilligren, Native American Community Development Institute

  • Nick Mason, Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee

  • Kowsar Mohamed, Minneapolis Public Health Advisory Committee

  • Jesse Osendorf, Minneapolis Downtown Council

  • Elyse Ruiz, AARP Minnesota

  • LaTrisha Vetaw, NorthPoint Health and Wellness

  • Hamsa Warfa, BanQu Inc.

Vision Zero Task Force

An older man in work gloves and a track jacket rides a mountain bike on a sidepath alongside a suburban 2-lane street in Minneapolis. The path borders green space, and in the distance behind him is a retail area with street parking and a parking lot.

City of Minneapolis departments partnering on Vision Zero

  • City Attorney’s office

  • City Coordinator’s Office

  • Civil Rights

  • Communications

  • Community Planning and Economic Development

  • Fire

  • Health

  • Intergovernmental Relations

  • Neighborhood and Community Relations

  • Police

  • Public Works